Job Description

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Job Description

Python Architect
31 January 2022
Information Technology
Bangalore, Karnataka
9-14 Years
Python (Primary) and Node.js

Skills and Qualifications:
5+ years of experience in writing and maintaining high quality code
4+ years of programming experience with Python (Primary) and Node.js (Secondary)
2+ years of hands-on experience with AWS and AWS services.
Working experience with Amazon Web Services: IoT Core, Green Grass, IoT device provisioning, IAM roles, Certificate management.
Good understanding of CI/CD, Code Pipeline, and Cloud Formation.
AWS database and storage experience with S3, NoSQL, Neptune DB, and Dynamo DB.
Development experience with AWS and Serverless Lambda development.
Experience with REST Full APIs
Ability to perform code reviews and QA tasks such as automation where applicable.
Source Control System experience with GitHub.
Experience with the Agile Methodologies

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