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Testing Your Hiring Needs


Hiring the right candidate is not easy, and predicting an employee’s performance before recruiting them is next to impossible. So, will you go blindfolded for your organization’s future?

When it comes to scaling your business or expanding your operations landscape, the need for talents will be constant. However, not every candidate you hire will add more value to the company, and that is where the “Contract To Hire” approach can help.

Imagine hiring a candidate for the trial phase, where the Contract to Hire Companies handle everything for you. After a specific probation or performance review period, you can enter into a “Direct Hire Contract” with the candidate.

Saiva System is one of the best contracting company that offers direct hiring once the client is satisfied with the candidate’s performance. Until then, we handle everything from payroll to documentation and validation of the candidate.

So, you can focus on your business activities and check the amount of value a recruit offers without worrying about the permanent staffing or wages.

Benefits of Temp to Hire Contract Approach

The Contract to Hire Staffing process ensures that you have the flexibility of testing the talent before you hire them permanently.

Minimum Responsibility
The entire responsibility of the candidate from payroll to insurance lies with Saiva. So, the client can choose services they want without worrying about the outcome. 
With a Temp to Hire Contract, you save money on the tedious hiring and recruitment process and have time to focus on the core aspects of the business. 

Freedom of Choice

Saiva’s contract to full employment services provides you with complete freedom of choice regarding the skill set required, period of contract, and permanent placement.

C2H by Saiva: The Process

Unlike traditional employer recruiter agency engagement, the Contract To Hire approach adopted by Saiva is different. We open Contract to Hire Positions for candidates and hire them for a specific period. 

The contract can be for three to six months, depending on the client’s requirement. The clients can test the candidates for performance and value offered. During this course, a candidate is not directly employed by the client. So, the cost of employment, medicare, taxation, and other liability stands with Saiva.

Once the training or trial period is completed, the candidate is eligible for permanent hiring based on the performance. The client has the power of choice, whether to employ a candidate for a permanent position or decide otherwise. 

Why Choose Saiva?

What if you can just use skilled professional’s services for a specific period, test them, and then decide whether to hire or not? Saiva system offers you such flexibility.

We are one of the best Contract to Hire Companies that offer skilled talent on a temporary contract basis. With us, you have the freedom to decide whether to hire or not based on employee’s performance testing once the contract period is over. 

Empower Your Operations WIth the Right Talent With Saiva!

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