26 November, 2021

Why IT industry Needs More Experiments

In the Information Technology world, there is always something new coming up. Products, which are being used generally, do get famous around the world. Even in the growing field of robotics, there is a need for the best IT system for making a progress. From making a needle for the medical department to doing coding for Google, there is a process of IT being used for making human life better. 

An IT-less world would have seen maybe a delay in making the vaccine for COVID as the technology does help humans to save time and keep on taking fast moves in an effective manner. It shows that there are several advantages the world gets with IT. However, taking multiple steps without thinking much does make an impact. For example, an air conditioner has been made to keep humans living in a comfortable manner in summers. In a country like India, it is a common way of living in cities. 

There is no problem with using air conditioners; however, it does make Planet Earth warm. Taking a reference from a United Nations report, ACs have made the world two degrees warmers. It means there is a higher chance of having more water-related disasters around the world. 

Hence, it is crucial to spend money on experiments for making sure that there can be better ways of living. The electronic car is a very good modern example. It might take 30 years to make an electronic car a common part of human lives. However, the very beginning of using these cars do help people to use cars and, at the same time, play a role in saving this beautiful planet. 

It is not just about using eco-friendly ways but also thinking about the future. In the last 30 years, there must have been many situations where humans or animals could have faced multiple problems. However, being that one step ahead of time plays the role of not making that very point bigger. 

Hence, there is always a need for something different. Elon Musk is spending billions of dollars on seeing the world outside our boundaries. He is not obligated to it. However, the plans of this tech master are very different. It shows the value of finding new things in technology for making a change for the good. 


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