7 December, 2020

How to crack any Interview& Win that Dream Job?

So if you are reading this, chances are that you are either a fresher or an experience holder. Well, first congratulations on reaching this stage in life where you can learn, make money and grow your career into leaps and bounds. Preparing for a job interview can give anyone chills down their spine, no matter if they are freshers, or experienced professionals. So you must be thinking now what? We are here to resolve all your queries related to interview preparation. Here are some well-researched tips and strategies for effective interviewing, right from interview preparation to securing that dream job you deserve.

Do the necessary homework about the Company

The very first step is to gather as much background information about a prospective employer or company as possible. You must be aware of what all services or products a company is dealing with, the Industry it falls under, places of operations, top leadership etc.

All such crucial information can be retrieved from the employer's website, especially the ‘About Us’ section. You must also take a look at the company's social media presence, this will give you insight into how the company wants the public and potential employees to perceive it. Research the company's position in the market, its top competitors and new developments, particularly recent or planned changes that could affect your role. When a candidate demonstrates his or her knowledge about the organization during an interview, it shows genuine interest and efforts, which is what every interviewer wants to see.

Imagine yourself in the role

There is reality and then there is imagination and anything that falls in between perhaps, ceases to exist. Imagining yourself in the role you are applying for can do wonders for you during the interview. Imagining will help transfer your subconscious thoughts, which are positive in nature, to your conscious mind. This will tremendously improve your self-efficacy and boost your self-confidence. Suppose a candidate wishes to apply for an interview for a sales executive profile. He might have relative sales experience, however, imagining himself as a sales employee of that company, will help him associate with the job role and job profile better.

Practice till you are perfect

In this step you must try to prepare for answers to commonly asked interview questions. This procedure will surely help you analyze your relative background and qualifications for the position. For this purpose, you can visit popular websites like glassdoor.com, where previous and existing employees share their reviews about the company and work culture. Here you can also get an insight into the interview process and interview questions. Thinking through your responses will help you appear confident during the interview, and avoid rambling or unprepared responses.

A candidate must also be ready for behavioral interview questions, which many of today's recruiters have adopted as a preferred method for screening and shortlisting candidates.

In almost all cases, interviewers will ask if you have any questions for them. So be one step ahead, and have a list of questions ready to ask about the job profile or company. Do not indulge in asking unnecessary or personal questions.

Body language: The unspoken words

You must have heard people say, “His actions spoke so loudly, I couldn't hear what he said”.

This happens when your body language tells a different story than what you are actually saying. You can convey what you want during a job interview, but if your body language tells a different story, you may seem nervous and unreliable. Body language helps to communicate through expressions, gestures, and postures, without the use of words. During the interview, initiate a firm handshake and maintain eye contact. Maintain a decent smile and nod when you agree with the interviewer. Never cross your arms as crossed arms gives a ‘closed’ impression. Avoid trembling and touching yourself too often like playing with your hair or scratching yourself. A positive body language will surely help you get noticed and leave a powerful impact on the interviewer.

How to tackle questions about salary

Let's be god damn honest here, we all work for money and that is the ultimate motivation. After all, who doesn't love their salary getting credited to their account after an entire month?

However, answering questions related to salary can be a tricky affair. If the interviewer looks to wrap up your meeting with questions about salary requirements, it could be a big sign that your skills and qualifications are impressive enough to move you to the next stage in the selection process. You need to be careful with salary negotiations, as demanding too much salary or unreasonable hike can make you appear greedy. Look to get a decent and realistic hike and also wish to know the salary bracket for the job profile. Being realistic about your salary makes you appear more professional and less demanding.

Get ready for the day of Interview in “Advance”

The day of the interview can make you go through a lot of emotions, both positive and negative. You must get ready for the day of the interview in advance, I repeat in ‘advance’.

Feeling anxious and edgy before the interview is natural for everyone, however, you should not let these emotions get over you. Try to get enough sleep, have a shower and you can try basic meditation to keep your mind calm. Make sure your formal attire is clean and ironed, one day before the day of the interview. Don't wait until the last minute to get directions to your interview location and estimate your travel time in advance. Give yourself enough time to arrive at the interview location several minutes early. This will make sure you have enough time to relax and be mentally ready for the interview. Do not focus too much on the results and look forward to giving your best shot. Follow these steps and you shall be closer to your dream job than ever before. Happy interviewing!

At Saiva System, our career experts can offer you the much-needed guidance to maximize your chances of getting selected for your ideal job positions. By following the steps mentioned in this article you can stay well prepared for the much-awaited day of the interview. How you leave the first impression on the hiring managers will determine the probability of your success during the interview. We want every single job seeker to leave an ever-lasting impression on all your potential employers. With the help of our professional counseling, we ensure that all job seekers are completely ready to appear for their multiple interview rounds.

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